A-V Corp offers monitoring for security, fire, fire sprinkler and elevator telephones through our UL listed central monitoring station.  Many central monitoring stations are not UL listed for fire alarm monitoring, but A-V Corp offers this service at no additional charge. 

Custom monitoring by A-V Corp can report off-normal situations for:

Fire alarm

Fire sprinklers
Elevator emergency telephones

Our monitoring is custom-designed for each application and can report individual devices, zones or buildings depending on your needs and reporting capabilities. A-V Corp can accept reporting from your existing security or fire panel or we can design a new system to provide you with even greater reporting details.

Monitoring alerts can be delivered to you and your staff by telephone, email, pager and text message.  Our central monitoring station allows you to access to alert history and make system changes over the internet. 


  • Security monitoring
  • Fire alarm monitoring
  • Fire sprinkler monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Moisture detection and monitoring
  • Elevator & emergency telephone monitoring
  • Custom monitoring
  • UL listed for security and fire
  • Cellular backup
  • Remotely lock/unlock doors, adjust thermostat & lights from your smartphone
  • Internet access to alert history and system changes
  • Notification by telephone, email, pager or text message
  • Smartphone access to lock/unlock doors, adjust thermostats and turn lights on/off
  • Remote video monitoring with voice communication
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Opening/closing management reports
  • Interactive video monitoring